Carpet Cleaning Tips From ACC London

Checkatrade information for ACC London Ltd
  • If you suspect that you have moths or similar little pests in your carpets always check under sofas, cabinets TV stands etc. because dark and secluded areas provide a perfect breeding and feasting ground for your unwanted guests!
  • Whether your carpets, upholstery etc. have the anti-stain treatment or not, never be tempted to scrub a spillage as this will just push it in further (also if it has had an anti-stain treatment it will break the seal) and 'lock' the stain in. Never be tempted to apply any 'over the counter' products as these contain a high level of soap which becomes sticky and attracts dirt and dust from the atmosphere etc. creating dark patches on your precious carpet. Some of these products even contain bleaching agents that can leave you with light patches on your carpets.
  • Don't be tempted to try one of these old wife's tales either, for instance putting salt onto a red wine spillage, supposedly to soak up the wine. If you have ever dyed any material before you will be aware that salt is used to fix the dye to the material.
  • The best way to remove any spillage is to use kitchen/ toilet roll or a white towel folded into a pad shape, firmly blot the spillage, (DO NOT be tempted to rub or scrub), even using your full body weight by standing on the kitchen/ toilet roll, towel.
  • Keep changing whatever it is you are using and if you persevere (could take 15/ 20 minutes) you are sure to obtain the best possible results. If a small stain remains, when we come to clean your carpets, upholstery etc. you will have a much, much better chance of a completely successful outcome.
  • Please ask one of our operators to show you the samples they carry of anti-stain treated materials, they will be happy to give you a demonstration, revealing its benefits.