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21 January 2011

Flooded carpets

Turn off electrics at the mains immediately. Also turn off the source of the flood, or get the plumber to do it. Next remove all moveable furniture because the dye will run from furniture legs into the carpet, or the metal studs will cause rust marks. Any furniture you can't move needs to have silver foil placed under the legs to protect the carpet. Next the water needs to be extracted, and a hire machine will not be powerful enough, and remember you won't have any electricity! You will need to call a Company with machines powerful enough to extract the water, or you could be left with shrinkage, mildew, a bad smell, bacterial problems; the list is endless. Our truck mounted machines are 25 times more powerful than a standard machine, and remember they are independent so we do not need to use your electricity, we have our own supply.

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