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19 January 2016

Inferno 500

Our new Inferno 500 truck-mounted carpet cleaning machine has now been hand built, is en route from Houston, Texas, and will be ready for action by the end of February 2016. It is genuinely the most exciting and powerful carpet cleaning machine I have seen in my 58 years of carpet cleaning and I can't wait to use it. As soon as possible I will post a video of it in use on this website. To clean carpets effectively you need heat, water pressure, a powerful vacuum and the correct cleansing agents. Put this together with in-house trained operatives who have been with us for 20 years or more, and you have the perfect recipe for good carpet cleaning. Back in the 50's when I started out there weren't the powerful machines that I have now, but what I have done is build up a huge wealth of experience and knowledge. And I am proud to be the man who other carpet cleaners come to when they have problems. Don't forget, watch this space.

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