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25 October 2016

Draught marks to carpet edges

How to prevent draught marks to carpet edges

25 October 2016

Carpet indentations caused by heavy furniture

How to remove carpet indentations caused by heavy furniture

4 March 2016

Truck mounted carpet cleaning

Hand built and the most powerful in the UK

3 March 2016

Traditional Service

Traditional service combined with state of the art technology

29 February 2016

Transportable carpet cleaning machines

The most powerful portable machines available

19 January 2016

Inferno 500

Our new Inferno 500 truck-mounted carpet cleaning machine

24 October 2013

Enforcer machine

Powerful portable truck mounted carpet cleaning machine

19 December 2011

Speedster carpet and upholstery cleaning machine

The most powerful portable machine that can be offloaded from the van

28 November 2011

Carpet cleaning to common areas

We carry our own supply of hot water and electricity

21 January 2011

Flooded carpets

Turn off electrics at the mains immediately........

6 January 2011

Prolong the life of your carpets

A few simple tips to extend the life of your carpet

11 November 2010

How to remove chewing gum from carpet

This blog post describes the most common methods of removing chewing gum from carpet; Liquid Nitrogen, Ice, Liquid Solvent and Solvent Gel.

19 December 2001

Candle wax to carpets and upholstery

Do not try to remove