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Carpet Cleaners London LTD – Professional Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaners London first opened for business in 1958 and we have been providing a speedy and reliable London carpet cleaning service ever since. Our long experience in the business is passed on to carpet cleaners who are trained both in-house and, when appropriate, on external courses. You can be sure our operatives will be up to date with all the latest equipment and the newest carpet cleaning ideas.

About our Carpet Cleaning Service

Yes, we provide a speedy and skilful service to our customers but we do not make silly promises. Just how long it will take us to clean a particular carpet depends upon:

  • Just how many carpets we have to clean
  • The number of carpet cleaning machines we use for the job
  • How dirty the carpets are

Our Carpet Cleaning Approach

We start off by surveying the carpets so we can decide which carpet cleaning machine to use. We usually do this at the same time as we give our quote for the job. We pay particular attention to the nature of any stains we find: whether the stains are from chewing gum, oil or water will determine which cleaning chemicals we employ. We have a variety of machines, techniques and chemicals available and will be happy to explain the reasons why we are using a particular combination to the interested customer. We want to look after your carpet and ensure our Carpet Cleaning Methods are approriate for your carpet.

We buy our cleaning chemicals from a very reputable company and the products we use have absolutely no adverse environmental effects.

If we find a stubborn stain, we simply stay and keep cleaning until the mark has gone. On rare occasions when a mark simply cannot be removed then we explain the reasons to our customer until he or she is satisfied. It is our proud boast that in the many years we have been in business we have never had an unhappy client.

Carpet Cleaning Advice

  • We recommend that our clients should vacuum their carpets daily. If they use an upright cleaner equipped with an agitating brush then they will find this more effective than a tub cleaner
  • All care should be taken to prevent spillages in the first place and absorbent paper should be always present in the drinks area so that spills can be immediately blotted
  • Mats for protection should be used where appropriate, because they prevent wear and the accumulation of ingrained dirt
  • We do recommend that an anti-stain preparation be applied to our clients’ carpets. They do give real protection
  • If a spill does occur then our clients should blot the area and call us out. Amateur efforts to deal with carpet stains usually make things worse!

So, get in touch with us today to find out more about Carpet Cleaning London Services. Our carpet cleaning team of dedicated and friendly customer service assistants will be more than happy to help.